Simply put, we help people who need a hand to get their life moving in a positive direction. We see the person in each situation and work with each individual to find the best path for them to a brighter future. Whether someone is at risk of homelessness, in need of affordable housing, looking for support to find and use the best job search sites to gain employment or build bridges out of poverty, we’ll work with them and apply the knowledge and experience we have gained over ten years working with vulnerable, marginalised, and socially excluded people to assist and support them towards positive futures and fulfilling places in our communities.

Real People

We believe everyone has value and potential, we focus on helping people move forward by improving their job prospects, employment opportunities, housing situations and providing addiction treatment services for those keen to make positive change in their lives. We welcome people who have problems with homelessness, debt and poverty, people suffering from poor physical or mental health, people battling with addiction, and vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals so we can provide the necessary advice and services to aid them in making significant progress towards fulfilling futures.

“My confidence has been boosted again. The people at Freedom encouraged me not to give up and that I would find my own place. Without the help of everyone at the Freedom Centre I don’t know what I would have done.”

Who We Work With

We believe that a holistic, multi-agency approach is the best way to meet each person’s needs. We accept people for who they are and provide a number of different services within our Day Centre to enable positive outcomes to be reached in the least amount of time. We know that offering a number of different services and access to specialty agencies such as homelessness advice, debt advice, CAB and even health checks in one place makes it easier for people to make the changes they need to find physical, emotional, relational and spiritual wholeness.
Because we see the heart in each person, we also understand that all of us have the right to make our own choices, to be treated with dignity and respect, and be empowered to reach our potential. Through giving people real opportunities for change with quality support to do so, each and every person within our communities benefits as we create a more vibrant, inclusive and stronger community for all to enjoy.