Volunteers are integral to the work we do helping vulnerable individuals at the Freedom Centre and through our social enterprises. Our volunteer teams bring diversity and variety to the support which we provide and work in a range of areas to support what we do.

All of our volunteers work regular shifts between 9.30am and 4.15pm Monday to Friday. Shift times and length depend on the project area in which they work.

Where and how you can volunteer

We have four main areas in which people volunteer with us:

The Kitchen – volunteers help us to prepare, cook, serve and clean up after our five-day-a-week meals service. Some volunteers have gone on to find work in the hospitality industry, whilst others enjoy the camaraderie and opportunity to support the work we do and have been volunteering with us for years.

Day Centre – Our Day Centre is a drop-in service and volunteers in this part of the charity work to provide assistance to staff members and low-level support to people who come to the day centre for assistance with a variety of needs.

Reception – Our front desk reception is staffed by volunteers and core staff members. Volunteers in this area greet visitors, sign people into the building, take donations, answer the phone and direct calls to appropriate staff members and help with data input.

Clothes store/laundry – Most of the donations we receive are sorted by our volunteers who organise items for our clothing store. Volunteers in this area also help doing client laundry and keep the area clean and tidy.

Freedom’s Social Enterprises – We have two social enterprises and accept volunteers to help with the work we do. All of the profits made from our two social enterprises are fed back into the charity and help to keep the businesses and core services of our charity going. Volunteers in this area help with posting items to our eBay stores, photographing items for sale and sometimes teaching skills to clients at Freedom Salvage such as stripping garden machinery for spares or fixing bicycles.

All of our volunteer opportunities are dependent on availability at the time of an application and many of them can lead to full or part-time paid employment.

Apply to volunteer

The application process to volunteer with us is fairly simple, but does take a little time and sometimes includes a DBS check as we work with vulnerable adults daily; references are required for the same reason.

After all of the necessary checks have been made, you will be invited for a trial day. This allows you make sure the position you have volunteered for is a good fit for you. Volunteering is hugely rewarding and is an opportunity to make new friends, learn new things and in some cases gain experience for work.

Fill out our application form to volunteer with us or check out our FAQ section for the most commonly asked questions about volunteering at Freedom.