We believe that everyone has a right to a stable, secure and decent home and we are not prepared to see vulnerable people homeless on the streets. Safe homes are a basic human right and through providing this requirement, we know that people are free to build the skills needed to stand on their own and join us all to create a vibrant community that everyone benefits from.

We’ve been working in Devon for more than ten years now. Our work includes helping people with a history of homelessness, people who are vulnerably housed or have lost their homes due to financial distress. We aim to provide affordable housing in a number of ways – through work with North Devon Council’s housing team, local landlords, Freedom Housing and raising money to buy houses so that we can house and support vulnerable people, at present we have 48 beds to serve this purpose.

Seeing the individual

We know that finding yourself without a home is a frightening experience and something that can happen for a variety of reasons which none of us are immune to – losing a job, the breakdown of a key relationship or losing a tenancy can all lead to homelessness. Each person is different and we see the individual so we can respond to their needs in situations of homelessness or the need for affordable housing.

A breakdown of my family left me homeless and sofa-surfing for 16 years. I knew I had to change but I needed help to move on. Friends suggested I visit Freedom and that they might be able to help me, so I came, not expecting much. But their help has been wonderful and first class! I was helped to find accommodation within 2 weeks of visiting the centre and they gave me back my future. I now feel excited and confident about my life moving forwards.

Making a difference with other agencies

Homelessness, or being at risk of homelessness, impacts physical, emotional and mental health. That’s why we have built our work around supporting people with other agencies using a holistic approach to navigate through difficult life challenges. Everyone matters to us.

Our multi-agency approach to helping people works because people are able to access numerous services to address housing and other issues in one place, expediting the process of sorting out problems.

The Housing Hub is hosted at the Freedom Centre and brings together the North Devon Council Housing Team, Torridge Council, Sanctuary Housing, Encompass South West, Alabare, Julian House, Police, Probation, RISE, Health, Adult Social Care and of course ourselves to help people with housing problems. This integrated approach supports individual’s needs better and helps us make decisions about accommodation placements with informed multi-agency input.

I wake up every day looking forward to my future. I appreciate the help and support I receive at the Freedom Centre. I know that those involved in my recovery process never gave up on me, I am eternally grateful, I have also begun to accept myself and I believe my life has just begun.

Housing Options

We work with people to identify, secure and sustain appropriate accommodation be it in the private rented sector, through supported housing, neighbourhood housing services or simply finding affordable accommodation that meets their needs.

We provide pre and post tenancy support and will ensure the accommodation is affordable and suitable for each individual. If needed we can assist in making funding applications for RIA (Rent in Advance) and deposits and we even work with local landlords to house vulnerable people by leasing their property through Freedom Housing.

Freedom Housing properties are typically leased from their owners on 3 or 5 year contracts and we pay a guaranteed monthly rent, take care of all bills, maintenance and repairs.

Whether someone is housed in Freedom Housing or in privately rented accommodation, we help and encourage them to reintegrate and positively contribute to their local community – something that is good for all of us – with employment experience and volunteering support, skills building and a tailored plan to help people stand on their own.