Helping Ourselves through Helping Others

Social Enterprises come in all shapes and sizes, doing all manner of things but with one common theme running through each and every business venture – they make their money by selling goods or services on the open market and then re-invest the profits back into the business or the community they work within improving communities, people’s life chances or the environment. When a social enterprise profits, so does the wider community that they work within, it really is a win/win!

Freedom’s social enterprises are no different; each business generates funds for our core services, provides experience and vocational training for the people we work with, links to local and national businesses and supports North Devon’s local economy.

We operate two social enterprises which contribute much needed revenue and also provide opportunities for work and skills building for our clients. The longest running enterprise is largely on-line, our eBay store, and focuses on sales of clothing, shoes and fashion items as well as recycling unusable items donated via collection bins or direct to the charity’s base at Freedom Centre, Barnstaple. It allows us to make the most of each and every donation we receive

The second enterprise is the newest – our Salvage business, opening late in 2015 it breathes new life into old discarded objects giving them new life as useful working items. These are mainly sold through the existing eBay store and add to the current range of clothing and fashion items with tools, bikes, furniture and computers.