As the nights draw in, we get ready to wind back our clocks, prepare for the cold of winter and joy of Christmas, our minds at Freedom are turning once again to the homeless in our area and the challenges that will face them over the coming months.

Winter is a difficult time to be homeless – even with our Safe Sleep service up and running – many people without homes will struggle with issues of loneliness, depression and isolation. Frostbite and hypothermia are still dangers to be avoided when you have nowhere warm to spend your days – remaining warm and dry will be a constant struggle for those who have no home, workplace or social network in which to find refuge from the cold.


World Homeless Day to Christmas Appeal

This year we launched our Christmas Appeal on World Homelessness Day – A Gift of Freedom. Over the coming months, our clips will show a range of the issues, backgrounds and circumstances that can render someone homeless. Between now and the New Year, we hope to raise £5,000 for our Day Centre and supporting services.

Being homeless can happen to anyone – regardless of where they come from, what their aspirations are, their gender or other personal factors. An interaction of circumstances tends to combine and create a situation where someone is simply left with nowhere to go. Personal factors such as debt, relationship breakdowns, and institutional beginnings can collide with structural causes such as local housing policies, or lack of available housing, to create a situation where someone is left without a roof over their head. According to Shelter’s research, every 10 minutes a family becomes homeless in England and around 459 people sleep rough in England each night. These figures are just the tip of the iceberg and don’t include families in emergency accommodation, sofa surfers, or people sleeping in a friend’s garden shed.


Making a Difference

We believe that for people to be able to transform their lives they need the tools to do so. A stable and secure home is just the start. Being able to address underlying issues such as past trauma, problems with debt and budgeting, or even something as straightforward as gaining the necessary qualifications for a job, need to be within reach of people who are trying to create a brighter future for themselves and by doing so, our communities too.

By donating to our appeal you can help to ensure these tools are available for the most vulnerable in our communities. You can become part of the solution to homelessness and will be helping to transform lives right here, in North Devon. Because a gift to Freedom is a gift of freedom. Join in today!