We provide a number of services to vulnerable people in North Devon, from free hot meals five days a week to housing advice and placements, we work to support people on their journey towards a brighter future knowing that this is not only beneficial to them, it is good for all of us.

Figures on our core services - free hot meals, attendance at our Day Centre, people assisted into housing and gym attendance are provided on our Facebook page and Twitter at the beginning of each month. Up until November this year we have:

  • Served 9,684 free hot three-course meals

  • Had 12,476 visits to our Day Centre

  • Helped 33% of people who needed homes into housing

We work with a number of different agencies and partners to provide numerous services in one spot. This means that people who come to our Day Centre are able to access a range of support providers in one visit to efficiently and easily address the issues they are facing. Agencies that provide services from our day centre include: The Rural Citizens Advice Bureau, RISE, North Devon Council, Torridge District County Council, Probation, Julian House, Pathfinders, AMBER, and Nightstop, among others.

The information used in our news items comes from our own data and other sources including the Institute for Public Policy Research, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Homeless Link, Statistical information is gathered from institutions such as the ONS, Devon Health and Wellbeing, and live tables on poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and associated issues published by GOV.uk and data.gov.uk.

Homelessness and poverty in the UK, and North Devon where we work, is a persistent problem that is yet to be solved. We believe a holistic approach with genuine caring responses, tailored one to one guidance and support for people experiencing hardship, homelessness, poverty and addiction is part of the answer for solving these issues.

Earlier this year an IPPR report found that 6,270 households were accepted as homeless in rural areas between 2015 and 2016. The report went on to state that homelessness had increased between 2010 and 2016 by as much as 52% in rural areas such as North Devon. It was this same report which recognized our work to combat rural homelessness and singled our Day Centre out as a case study for good practice, highlighting the range of services and the multi-agency partnerships available in one place that make our provision of services so effective for people in crisis.

The latest figures available show that North Devon has an unemployment rate of 2.7% - lower than the rate for the South West (3.7%) and the national rate of 4.6%

Between April and June of 2017, 10 families we’re living in emergency accommodation in the form of a hotel or B&B as no other housing option was available. 20 more families with children, or a child on the way, were in accommodation arranged by our local authorities for the same period.

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For enquiries from journalists or press organisations please email [email protected] call us on 01271 321171 or use the contact form available through the link on the home page of our website.