What We Can Do

We work closely with other agencies to prevent homelessness and help the most vulnerable within North Devon. If you are in need of help, support or advice, please feel free to pop into the Freedom Centre between the hours of 12 – 4, Mon – Fri to see one of our support workers who will be happy to help you.

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked. If you have a query which is not covered, please get in touch via info@freedomsocialprojects.org.uk or by calling us on 01271 321171.


Where can I get help with food and showers?

You can get a free meal and have a shower at The Freedom Day Centre which is open 12pm to 4pm Monday to Friday. Although this is the only place in North Devon where you can access free shower facilities we will give you details of other places providing food.


I have been given an eviction notice – what should I do now?

It is really important to act quickly and talk to the people who can help. We will signpost and support you into the appropriate services. A service you should contact now is North Devon Council Housing Service.


I need help with my benefits – can you assist me?

Our support workers have experience in helping people with their claims – completing forms, making calls using our phones and talking with the relevant benefit departments and provide other benefits related assistance. Please come to our Day Centre between the hours of 12 – 4, Mon – Fri so we can help you.


I don’t have any clothes other than what I am wearing – can you help?

We have a free clothes store and a subsidised laundry service at our Day Centre. We can help you launder the clothes you have and provide you with appropriate clothing if you need a change or warmer clothes. Please come to our Day Centre between the hours of 12 – 4 Mon – Fri so we can help you.


I don’t have enough food to eat today.

We are sometimes able to provide food parcels and can give you details of other places providing food. Our Day Centre provide a free three-course hot lunch from Monday to Friday between 12noon and 3pm. Please visit our Day Centre so we can help.


I have a drug/alcohol problem, can you help?

We can offer you emotional support and signpost you to appropriate services for treatment and specialist support.


I am homeless tonight what should I do?

We will talk you through your options and see what we can do. If we have a room available we might be able to help within our supported housing project – Freedom Housing. Sometimes we can only provide a sleeping bag and advice on how to stay safe if sleeping rough.  Unfortunately, there is no direct access Night Shelter or Hostel in North Devon, so if you find yourself homeless we recommend you go immediately to North Devon Council and talk to a member of the Housing Options Team.


I don’t have a local connection to North Devon, will you be able to help me?

Possibly! We will need to undertake an assessment of your circumstances and this will determine what kind of assistance we can offer.  Without a local connection, you will be unable to access certain services provided by the Local Authority, however, you would receive help to be reconnected to an area where you have a local connection if it is reasonable for you to return. In some cases, we can still help those without a local connection and this might be in our own accommodation Freedom Housing or by helping you secure accommodation locally in the private rented sector. If in doubt please pop in for a chat.