It’s great that you are thinking about fundraising for us! There are loads of reasons why you should, not only does it help you support a cause you care about and raise awareness of the work being done, it’s good for your health and wellbeing and is a great way to meet like-minded people who will help build connections in your community to support our work.

To help you set up your own fundraising campaign, we’ve collected some of the best fundraising ideas we’ve seen and listed them here for you. Don’t be restricted by our list though – there are literally hundreds of ways you can fundraise for us, you’re only limited by your imagination and the time you have available to fundraise with an event or challenge.

Tried and true: the best fundraising ideas for events

Charity fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult, coffee morning fundraisers, quiz nights, charity football matches, car washes, and cake stalls are all great ideas that are relatively simple to get started on. More involved events include organising a sleep-out with a club or group, pulling together a bunch of talented people and putting on a variety show or even organising a race.

Adrenaline fundraising

Setting yourself a physical challenge and having people sponsor you is a great way to raise funds and get some additional support to achieve a personal goal. Sky-dives, abseiling, triathlons, marathons, surf challenges, long-distance cycle rides and bungee jumps are all high on the list of adrenaline fundraising ideas. People are usually keen to support friends who are facing a personal fear or doing something a little out of the ordinary. Less active extreme challenges include drastic haircuts, letting your kids dress you for a day at work or taking a hobby to an extreme – try baking 100 cakes in a weekend (and then auctioning them to raise more funds) or if you’re musical maybe busking in the streets is something you’ve always wanted to try but been afraid to do, you’ll be able to boost the sponsorship money with donations from strangers too!

We get many questions about rough sleeping challenges. Please download our guide if you are thinking of organising a fundraising event like this.

Other charity fundraising ideas

You’re not bound by physical challenges or holding an event when it comes to fundraising. Cheap fundraising ideas include fundraising while you shop or even sell online. When shopping on eBay you can choose to make a donation to us when you make a purchase or even donate a part of your sale if you’re selling. There are also online shopping sites like iGive which allow you to donate while you shop and it costs you nothing! A percentage of what you pay to the retailer is collected and sent to us, so you fundraise while you shop!

ABC fundraising steps

Keep in mind these few key steps and you are sure to have a successful fundraiser:

Choose an appropriate venue for your event, a church or village hall is a great choice for coffee mornings, quizzes and cake stalls.

Invite everyone you know and publicise your event far and wide; let the local papers know, phone your radio station and get the word out there with social media – you can ask us to promote your event on our Facebook page and Twitter accounts too.

Be upfront about the fact that you are fundraising so people come prepared. If you are selling tickets or even coffee and cake you can still ask for donations to boost the amount you collect and even afterwards via your campaign page.

Be prepared and ask people to help. You’ll need more than one pair of hands at a coffee morning for filling cups and cutting cake or at a quiz night asking questions and collecting answers after each round. If you’re completing a challenge of some sort ask friends and family to share what you are doing with their friends and family too. It’s also a good idea to have everything ready to go well before your event or challenge so you can remain calm and enjoy your fundraising day.

Finally, don’t forget to say thanks to all those people who lent a hand and forward the amount you collected to us!