Who We Are And What We Do

Freedom Community Alliance is a ‘needs led’ organisation – where we recognise a need that is not being met for the vulnerable in our community we do our best to fill the gap. This involves working with a range of vulnerable groups including homeless people, those suffering from substance misuse issues, people with poor physical and mental health, debt and poverty and those who simply want to improve their health or improve their life skills’.


We are based at the Freedom Centre in Barnstaple where we provide a warm and welcoming environment for people who are looking to make significant progress towards a fulfilling place in society. We assist via a number of different initiatives – our Day Centre, Housing Support, Meaningful Occupation and the Behavioural Change Centre – which you can support in a number of ways.

We are a Christian charity for the marginalised and socially excluded, demonstrating the heart and love of God in our community.

How We Work

We work with other agencies whenever possible as we believe a multi-agency, holistic approach is how we can best meet each individual’s specific needs.

At Freedom we accept people for who they are, see the value in every individual, welcome them and do our very best for them. We are not here to judge actions or motives, rather to assist and support. We aim to demonstrate the heart and love of God in our community and accept everyone regardless of race, gender, age, beliefs, (dis)ability, or sexuality.

We believe:

  • Wholeness comes from a result of physical, emotional, relational and spiritual healing
  • Individuals have the right to make their own choices
  • Individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Individuals should be empowered to reach their potential
  • Individuals should be given the opportunity to change
  • Individuals have the right to receive quality support.

We believe everyone has potential and can change, so we focus on moving service users forward, including improving their access to meaningful occupation, training, and employment opportunities.