Why Do Men Need Their Own Day?

This Monday, 19th of November is International Men's Day. So why do men need their own day?Read more

A Successful Start to Safe Sleep

After running the Safe Sleep provision with NDC since the beginning of October 2018, we're proud to say it's reaching targets!Read more

All Change for Brighter Futures!

We're changing our service provision to provide the tools for vulnerable people to transform their lives and build brighter futures for themselves and our communities too.Read more

A Gift of Freedom

Learn about our World Homeless Day to Christmas appeal.Read more

Freedom Housing Adds another House to Their Portfolio

Another house is added to Freedom Housing's portfolio, bringing the total number of beds available for homeless and vulnerable people in North Devon up to 51 across 11 properties.Read more

New Safe Sleep Service Ensures There’s No Reason to Sleep Rough This Winter in North Devon

The Safe Sleep Service held at the Freedom Centre ensures that no one will need to sleep rough no matter what temperature it drops to this winter.Read more