Regardless of age or background, we have been helping people into work in North Devon for the past 10 years through our Digital Inclusion and work club services.

By providing assistance with job applications, CV writing and identifying transferrable work skills, people who come to us needing help with finding work are given the confidence and skills to put themselves into the running for the jobs that are on the market. Entering or re-joining the workforce in Devon is becoming increasingly straightforward as more jobs are created in the area. Unemployment now stands at an all-time low of just 3.3%, against the national average of 5.1%.

Identifying skills for employment

Many who come to our Day Centre for help with work skills believe that they have nothing to offer an employer. Therefore, building confidence and resilience to begin and carry on with job searches is a major part of the work skills passed on to clients. Our staff are trained to help people recognise the skills they have and further develop computer and job searching skills. In the past 12 months, 128 clients have been helped with their CV’s, 136 job applications have been made from the centre and assistance to effectively utilise the DWP’s Universal Job Match system was given to 309 people.

‘I avoided coming into Freedom’ says David. ‘I felt ashamed that I needed their help, I’m 60 and after losing my job found myself needing someone to help me with the computers and the DWP’s Universal Job Match system – it was all a bit confusing, plus I didn’t have internet access at home.’

Like many other clients before him, David found the non-judgemental help he needed along with all the resources to get back to the workforce and through persistence landed the type of role he had been hoping for. In the past 12 months our tailored support and work skills based projects have helped 102 people into employment since the beginning of their project in July 2014.

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