My mental health workers told me about Freedom’s Day Centre after I had a total breakdown two years ago. I’d made some bad choices because of my poor mental health – I’d started taking amphetamines which made me really paranoid and led to a charge of arson.

A safe environment to move forward in

Being able to socialise at the Day Centre – do ‘normal things’ in a safe environment like play a game of pool or just watch the news in their T.V lounge – meant that I started to make friends and be drawn out of my shell and away from the paranoia I’d been left with from the amphetamines. The no drugs policy that they have helped me with staying off them too as it became more important to get my life together, catch up with friends and move forward with the things I wanted to do.

The staff at the Day Centre really helped me too and I really felt like they cared – I wasn’t just a job to them. I started to sort my life out with their help – they helped me sort out a support worker, with housing, free meals when I was there. I even started training in their gym! As I started to get my life back my confidence started coming back too and I began to feel like a worthwhile human and that life had a point to it again.

A plan for the future

I wouldn’t have been able to make a plan for my future without the help they gave me at the Freedom Centre. I’d have been still going around in circles, barely keeping my head above water, or worse. It wouldn’t have been any good for me, or those around me for that matter.

I keep coming to the Day Centre still because I can catch up with my friends here, but also I am getting help to find a job too. One of the staff there helped me write a C.V and I am looking for part-time work so I can support myself while I study to sit my GCSE’s again. I feel good again, I have the confidence I need to reach for the things I want and I know I can get help if I need it. The Freedom Centre has made such a difference to my life; when I look back at the past few years, if it weren’t for them I’d be in a bad place now.

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