Over the coming year, Mica Clark hopes to raise thousands of pounds for Freedom Community Alliance’s Therapeutic Community at Croscombe Barton in support of a family member who has joined them to overcome addiction. Her fundraising activities will start with a 1,000 Burpees Challenge on March 25that the Lantern Centre in Ilfracombe.

‘I live and breathe fitness – my day starts with exercise, I run before breakfast, train and teach high-intensity classes throughout the day and most evenings, but I’ve never done 1,000 burpees in one go.’ Says Mica.

Mica runs Mica Clark Fitness in Ilfracombe and hopes to raise thousands for Freedom Communities, not just from her 1,000 Burpee Challenge, but also a full marathon, a coffee morning at Laston House and dedicating fees from one of her high-intensity classes to her fundraising.

We broke with the pressure of his addiction

In 2013 her relative moved to London for work.

‘He moved up there and started succeeding, doing really well for himself. Then his success brought him the other way and in the end, he fell and addiction took hold on his life. He lost his home, money, job - everything. We’ve spent the last 3 or 4 years in absolute terror every day. My family is really close and I watched them break with the pressure of it all. We didn’t know half the time if he was even alive.’

In early 2016, Mica’s family learned about the residential treatment programme run by Freedom Community Alliance at Croscombe Barton and sent the information to him, only to be told that wasn’t for him – he didn’t think he had a problem.

He finally decided to give treatment a go

‘Then one night he got in touch with me and came home. We started talking about Freedom’s Therapeutic Community (TC) and he began liaising with the TC staff on the phone. We found he had to be off of it (drugs) for a certain amount of time before going in. When he detoxed he was in a bad way. But, he’d decided he’d do it and that was it.’ Mica says.

‘The addiction had taken him away from us, completely.’ Says Tracy, Mica’s Mum ‘and now he’s in rehab we are starting to get him back. Now he’s starting to rebuild his life with their help, they’ve done so much for him.
‘When I got home (after dropping him off at Croscombe) I felt like a weight had been lifted – for the first time in years. And I knew, and still believe to this day, he will not leave, he will see it through. He has that strength, he’s taken on this challenge and he will meet it.’

‘And so that’s why I am giving myself these challenges.’ Says Mica.

Renewed hope

‘I genuinely thought I might never see him again until he started treatment. Freedom has literally given him a new life. I honestly thought he would die, I didn’t think we would see him to the end of last year, and they have really saved him.’

‘This has massively changed my view of addiction, it’s taken judgement away from me. I know now that it’s an illness. And now I want to help, I’m so grateful for all of it, I can’t believe all that they do - they help anyone who needs it. I’m challenging myself so I can stand with him, and also give hope to other people who might need Freedom’s help.’

You can support Mica’s challenges here.