I went from college to being a full-time single parent with no work experience. I wanted to work, but without any experience of being in the workforce, I didn’t think that anyone would be interested in employing a single mum like me.

Being on benefits was demeaning but I couldn’t see a way out of receiving this support when I lacked proper work experience and had the responsibility of looking after my child. A friend told me about the Freedom Centre, so I went along, not expecting that I would be able to reach my goal of finding a job that allowed me to support myself and my son whilst still being able to look after him.

Identifying skills

The staff at Freedom helped me to identify the skills that I had gained from being a single parent that would be beneficial to an employer too. That was the beginning of my résumé and with their help, I was able to write a great C.V that I could use for job applications. With that, I was able to start applying for jobs straight away, most importantly in an area that I was really keen to work in.

Before my interviews, the staff took me through the interview process so I knew what to expect. We even practised likely questions that I would be asked so when the real interviews took place I wasn’t at all nervous, in fact, I was confident that I would be able to present myself in the best way possible. We talked about what to wear and they even helped me with the right clothes for my interview.

Getting the job of her dreams

At just my second interview I was offered a full-time role that meant I could come off benefits, gain experience and knowledge in my area of interest and still look after my son. I never expected that I would be able to find any work, because of my lack of experience, let alone a job that I really enjoyed. Now I have work that I enjoy, an income that we don’t just survive on, but can also do the things we want to do too. I feel much more positive about myself and my situation. Without Freedom’s help, I’d still be on benefits wondering how I was ever going to move forward with my life. But now, life has more opportunities for both me and my son and I am setting a better example for him as he grows.

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