Our Safe Sleep service is now up and running and has seen a huge amount of interest from the local (and further afield) homeless population. Each evening from 8pm we begin to welcome people from many different backgrounds and circumstances who are struggling with homelessness and serve them a light evening meal before they are engaged with a range of support workers and housing specialists to help them on towards a brighter future.

Each morning, our dedicated volunteers and core staff ensure a healthy and filling breakfast is served and the Day Centre is prepared by 8am for the work of the day ahead. Due to the opening of this new service and additional responsibility we are taking on, we have changed our opening times to support the Safe Sleep service and provide a wider range of courses and activities that are designed to enhance our client’s wellbeing and life chances.

Our Day Centre now opens its doors each morning at 10am and closes at 2pm. This change is not only to provide the time needed to set up and close down each Safe Sleep session but also to allow time in the afternoons for a range of courses that we intend to bring to our Day Centre. These courses will be available to all in the same way that our current service offering is. However, there will be a renewed focus on complete wellbeing – physical, mental and spiritual – in keeping with our belief that a holistic approach to people’s needs is the best way to address issues of poverty, social exclusion, depression and other difficulties.


Watch this space

Over the coming months, courses and activities will be opened to all who feel they may benefit from them.

Courses and activities will be aimed at addressing issues such as Early Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences – both of which can have a huge impact on a person’s life right into old age. Exposure to issues such as neglect, abuse, watching a parent or carer deal with alcohol or drug dependency can cause chemical, hormonal and behavioural changes in our bodies. You can learn more about it in this TED talk.

Activities will help people to understand their own value, and manage anxiety and depression better with meditation and mindfulness techniques. All of these activities and courses will work to help people address their underlying issues that affect their health, wellbeing and life chances. We know that by helping people address these issues, we are equipping them with the tools they need to turn their lives around, create brighter futures and transform their lives and in turn, our communities.


Get involved

If you are interested in joining us for any of the courses on offer or would like to support any of our work by volunteering or donating to support this work, please contact us, or follow the links within the text. We look forward to bringing you news in the future of these courses and the success they have helped people attain in their lives.