I have lost my job and need help meeting the JSA or other DWP benefit requirements, can you help?

Our Day Centre is open for you to drop in between 12pm and 4pm Monday to Friday. Here we have computer and internet facilities you are able to use for completing job search requirements at no cost. We also help with C.V writing, cover letter writing, identifying the best job search sites for your search for work and building skills that will help you in interviews and re-entering the job market.

I want to get off benefits but have no work experience, can you help me?

We run a job club at our Day Centre to help people recognise the skills they already have which are transferable for employment. We also help people build skills in computer use, job searching, interview techniques and other areas that will help you find fulfilling employment. Drop into our Day Centre between 12pm and 4pm, Monday to Friday for assistance.

I need help with my benefits – can you assist me?

Our support workers have experience helping people with benefit claims, completing forms and making calls using our phones and talking with the relevant benefit departments, We can also provide other benefits related assistance. Please come to our Day Centre between the hours of 12pm and 4pm, Monday to Friday so we can help you.

I work on a zero-hours contract and cannot cover my living expenses. I want to find a better paying and more secure job, can you help?

Our Day Centre is open between 12pm and 4pm from Monday to Friday and here you can find help to improve your job prospects through our Job Club, searching for fulfilling work or identifying areas and courses for further study in an area you would like to find meaningful employment in.