You are a Christian charity – do I need to be a Christian to be a volunteer?

No, not at all. We embrace diversity and in the same way that our services are open to all, so are our volunteering opportunities. We only ask that you have the relevant qualities / skills necessary for the volunteer role and that you are sympathetic and understanding of the Christian ethos of the charity.

Why does Freedom have volunteers?

Freedom Community Alliance is a charity working with vulnerable adults and volunteers are essential to the services we deliver. We value our volunteer team and enjoy the variety and diversity they bring to the team.

Do I get paid?

As a volunteer you will not get paid for your time but we will cover your out of pocket expenses. This will be in the form of travel expenses to the Centre (via public transport or car but not by taxi) up to the value of £5 per day worked. You will also be provided a meal at the Centre if you are here at lunchtime and you will have access to tea and coffee etc. We are not able to cover other expenses unless first agreed with the manager. Unfortunately we cannot cover childcare costs.

When can I volunteer?

Our volunteering opportunities are available Monday to Friday when the Freedom Centre is open. Your volunteering will take place sometime between the hours of 9.30am and 4.15pm, but the specific timings will depend on the department you will be volunteering in.

What do Freedom look for in volunteers?

We work with vulnerable adults who are currently in need of our support and as such it is important that our volunteers are:
• non-judgmental;
• patient;
• kind;
• able to commit to volunteering regularly (e.g. weekly);
• reliable;
• able to work as part of a team;
• able to understand confidentiality (and data protection where necessary);
• sympathetic and understanding of the Christian ethos of the charity;
• skilled in the area you would like to volunteer (although some training will be given)

What volunteering opportunities are there?

There are usually volunteering opportunities in the following areas:

• Kitchen [helping to prepare, cook, serve and clean up];

• Drop-in [assisting staff with providing low level support];

• Reception [greeting, signing people into the building, taking donations, answering the phone, data input];

• Computer Support [providing direct support to clients for accessing online services, using Microsoft Word and Excel, carrying out web searches, applying for jobs and/or volunteer roles]

• Freedom’s Social Enterprises [sorting donations, photographing items for sale, posting items, teaching clients at Freedom Salvage]

The volunteering opportunities open to you will depend on the vacancies available at the time of application.

What do I have to do to become a volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer with us you will need to complete a quick application form - to speed up the process please fully complete the form. This helps us to start to get to know you and get the application process started.

How do I apply?

To complete an application form you can either do it online, email or call us for a form (in which case we may invite you in to visit the centre – this will give us an opportunity to meet face to face and answer any questions you may have) or you can call into the centre to discuss volunteering and collect an application form.