I have a drug/alcohol problem, can you help?

We offer emotional support and are able to direct you to appropriate addiction services for treatment and specialist support. Please come and visit us at our Day Centre between the hours of 12pm and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

I would like to enrol myself in rehab, how do I do this?

We have a Therapeutic Community which runs a residential nine-month programme designed for people wishing to address their addiction. Our therapeutic community allows for self-referrals and referrals from other agencies, in some cases addiction treatment services can be part-funded by benefits and funding from drug treatment services. The first step to joining our therapeutic community involves giving us a call on 01598 753558 for a confidential chat and then following this up by completing an application form.

What is a Therapeutic Community?

A therapeutic community is a residential treatment program devised to help people address their addiction. Residents are encouraged to understand themselves better and explore the reasons why they misuse mood altering/addictive substances. By addressing their issues, through the challenge of negative behavioural traits, and peer support, residents are able to learn new ways of coping and living in society.

Our therapeutic community model of addiction treatment is based on the work of Dr De Leon. The effectiveness of this treatment model has been widely researched and evidence also suggests that this model is substantial in both symptom reduction and goal attainment with regard to PTSD. A mutual support recovery programme (e.g. 12 Step) is encouraged when residents leave residential treatment.

I am worried my friend/family member has problems with addiction, can you help?

Being a family member or friend of a person with an addiction can be very worrying and frustrating. It is important that you get help and advice and don’t try to “handle the situation” by yourself. Families and friends can play an important role in supporting their loved one and helping them to seek help for their addiction. However, many people find they are not equipped to deal with the mental, emotional and physical stress of dealing with a loved one in addiction.

We recommend finding support from others in the same situation through local groups such as Families Anonymous which is based on the same principles as Alcoholics or Narcotic’s Anonymous who can be contacted on their Helpline number: 0845 1200 660. Also, it’s worth checking out Adfam who are a charity that support families of those on addiction and who have lots of useful information and testimonials on their website www.adfam.org.uk.